Kunden kommer ikke først

Jeg har lånt dagens indlæg fra en post på LinkedIn af Martin Meller, der er Head of Sales & Commercial Director hos SimScale, fordi jeg synes han meget præcist beskriver, hvorfor det er vigtigt for bundlinjen at sikre en høj medarbejdertrivsel.

Customers first ?

Many, if not most, companies have their priorities set wrong. It might sound good, the ‘Customer first‘ mentality, but this focus will not ensure the best results or satisfaction.

It has been a common misunderstanding for many years that companies should do everything to make the customers first, and this supersedes everything else. This is where the company focuses their energy, invests in new initiatives, build-up new engagement methods, and so on. But is this really the right thing to do? Will you get happier customers if you only think of them as the first priority? No!

I’m not saying that companies should not focus on happy, satisfied customers and the retention of these customers; but this should not be any companies’ first priority, as this will not create the desired effect in most cases.

Take for instance these basic examples. And, yes I know that this is putting it up very extreem.

You have created a loyalty program, giving your customers a free IPad if they will participate in a feedback call. The agent that calls has a “shitty”/low budget headset with a bad connection, and you have just yelled at him, as he only reached 95% of calls last week etc. How do you think the atmosphere will be in the call and what impression do you think the customers gets?

You have just developed a great user friendly self service center for your customers and added a 10% discount for the new users; but what will happen when they call for support due to function error. The support members have not gotten communication training, as she is “only” a support member; the company has not invested in a proper knowledge center for internal use, so she only has a basic FAQ’s notebook to look through. You have informed the team that they need to keep their calls to an average of 5 minutes per case to get their bonus and you just reprimanded her in the public of the office which embarrassed her in front of her co-workers. How do you think the call will go, if the supporter members do not know the problem the customers have been facing? Do you think the customer would feel satisfied afterwards?

You will never get a happy customer or keep a happy customer if you do not have happy employees.

Employees First !

So cutting it short, all your initiatives focusing on making the customer happy will never work, unless you have started with the real first priority of employee satisfaction & happiness.

This setup should not be brain science for people managers to understand, but unfortunately there are still a huge amount of people manager and top managers that do not understand how humanity works. The first and foremost priority of all people managers is to ensure their team is happy and satisfied. By doing this first and making it your primary focus (always) you are able to develop and retain happy customers.

By ensuring your employees are happy with their assignments, responsibilities, their products, their tools, their managers, their workspace and equipment they can and will focus on ensuring happy customers.

A happy and satisfied employee will create the best customer satisfaction, but a lot of different aspects needs to be focused on of-course.

Indlægget er lånt på LinkedIn hvor Martin Meller har postet det 17. juni 2015 under titlen The Customer “does not” come first!


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